Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Water Table

Today something new happened. We have been exploring water for some time now- both teachers and children have come up with numerous ways to further our exploration. This ongoing interest encouraged Fish to make the water a permanent area outside!

Today when everyone walked in the pieces of the tables sat unassembled on the group rug. The children explored them as the morning passed. They climbed in one piece. They turned the bottom over. They discussed what it might be and how we might use it.

At circle Fish shared a story with everyone that he had brought with him. In the story a young boy talked about all the fun things he did at his preschool- including a water table and sand table! Fish used this as an opportunity to discuss the table with the children.

After we headed outside, the children helped Fish to set the table up. They chose a specific spot for it to live and learned about how to care for it. For example, there is a plug on the bottom that lets us drain the water out!

As you can imagine, the water table was buzzing with activity the entire time we were outside. Kids poured, mixed, funneled, dumped, and more with the water and tools provided. We look forward to continuing to explore water (and maybe more!) with our new permanent water table.

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