Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Busy Bees

With summer comes sunshine and flowers in bloom... Everything outside seems brighter, bigger, and busier- including bugs! Many of our preschoolers have taken notice of the bugs outside. We often have bug hunt expeditions, bug watching, discussions about the jobs of bugs. This led us to explore one bug in particular with a little more depth at our small group today!

As we got ready to head into the back room for our small group, VR grabbed our bee book and together we made a buzzing sound to see who else might be interested. The buzzing was noticed by a number of our friends and we ended up with around 7 in our small group.

Before reading our book we talked about what we knew about bees:
JK: "Bees are red!"
CE: "And white!"
AS: "Bees go buzzzzzz!"
GL: "Those guys sting you."
OR: "They really nice."

While reading, OR was very interested in pollen and why it stuck to the bees. JK helped hold the pages down so we could look closer at the picture of the bee and the pollen. I made a note to research pollen as we investigated how it seemed to stick to the fur of the bee!

After our book the kids did a bee dance and collected flowers to get pollen from. VR felt strongly that our dance needed a little musical accompiant so he grabbed the tambourine and quickly our bee dance became a dance party!

As we move forward with our bee group and study of pollen, I'm excited to see what other reflections and questions these kids will have. Bees have hair or fur of some sort. They drink nectar. They are actually a kind of brown or yellow not red or white! Pollen STICKS to them! Already we have so many new bee facts.

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