Sunday, September 22, 2013

End of summer

The summer is winding down and we spend as much time as possible outside soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the beauty in our yard.

Every day I walk around with the children and quietly look at the different parts of the yard. The goldfinches with their two babies eat the last of the sunflowers, followed by the chickadees, then the red heads of the house finches. I talk to the children about the names of these birds as they are a part of our time outside.

I take time to rake the leaves that are already falling and the plums from next door and the plentiful maple seeds.

Some beans are still ready to eat and others are dried, so we harvest the seeds to use for play later or to plant next year.

We find the last of the things that are edible to harvest and the apples are finally ready!

This is how we learn love and appreciation of the outdoor world.  We learn the simplicity of it, the symmetry and the sensory experiences which enriches our lives. 

 Henry Rollins

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