Sunday, July 21, 2013

The First Week

Cohort 5 is officially at the Preschool house now! Our ceremony, complete with Strawberry Shortcake, occurred right before Summer break and our first day back was also our first day as Preschoolers. The first week has been an adjustment, but a lovely one.

The Preschoolers have welcomed us with open arms as we've worked hard to communicate. We have had to focus not only on learning their existing routines and rules (voted on by the preschoolers themselves!), but also on being heard and finding our own roles and voices within their structure.

We have brought some of our own ways with us as well. LC and I shared our tradition of making eggs and kale with some other preschoolers. We introduced our family song to everyone. QM showed some friends how we like to stack animals. VR talked to everyone about our old school and some of the fun we had there.

As we get ready for our second week in our new home I reflect on when this cohort first joined me at the infant house. Many of our friends have moved away as time passed, either for only a little while or forever. Each time we have bid them goodbye with tears and lingered over the "See you soon" rather than the "good bye". One wonderful thing each of these farewells have brought us, though, is a wonderful new beginning. Moving from a support role into the classroom again brought me so many wonderful new beginnings. I carry them with me in my heart, just as we will with this new beginning.

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