Sunday, July 28, 2013

Corn Starch + Water +......

Summer is in full tilt and every day we are finding new ways to use our favorite parts of the season to provoke to new sensorial experiences, enjoying being outside

We have been experimenting with cornstarch and water this week.  First with the fine powder loose on a tray.  Then drips of liquid watercolor dripped in. E took handfuls of the cornstarch and added to the pot of water in the middle.  Handful after handful.  Everyone seemed drawn to the white powder and once the water was added they climbed onto the tray and make it a full body experience.  Unfortunately the tray began to leak, so most of the water soaked into the canvas underneath.

The next time that we tried the cornstarch was a same day that we had picked blackberries from the yard.  I enjoy using natural coloring for our art and sensory explorations, plus using blackberries made me feel like this was for sure an edible experience.  The blackberries popped against the white powder.  E was drawn quickly and Z hurried off the porch to see what is happening. 

After we felt the corn starch and berries I added a bit of water and the purple exploded into the mix.  It enticed everyone to dive in and explore the cold gooeyness on the hot day.  Even cohort 7 was outside and had their own time with the resulting ooze.

 One of the best things about doing this cornstarch activity is that clean up is a cinch.  It's especially fun on a 90 degree day to just soak it off with a good friend. 

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