Sunday, April 14, 2013


Dandelions are a signal of the arrival of spring at the infant house.  We work hard to control their infiltration all spring and summer, yet they are one of my favorite natural manipulative for children of any age to use. 

We have a general rule at Tumbleweed of not picking, but we do harvest.  Often when we go outside now, I walk around the hard and harvest a bunch of dandelion.  There is something special about their golden blooms that makes me smile, and their vibrant color quickly attracts the children.  We have metal bowls and pans that I place them inside or next to.  My favorite is poking the stems through the holes in a metal pasta strainer.  When the older children come out they focus on this activity as well, but we enjoy just pulling them out, examining them closely and tasting the spring time treasures. 

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