Monday, March 18, 2013

We Are Storytellers

How do you read a book with no words to a group of preschoolers? Last week, we invited the children to create their own collaborative story using a picture book with no words.

"Pancakes for Breakfast," by Tomie DePaola

There was a snowy house. (TB)
The mother was making pancakes. (MR)
She was making pancakes, but how is she going to make pancakes? (SM)
Oh, no. There was no more flour! (TB)
And then, the chickens ate all of the flour. (TLC)
Maybe she can take a walk outside. (SJC)
She pours some milk and makes it stronger. (SM)
She mixes it. (MR)
She doesn't have any eggs because the chickens ate all of the eggs. (TS)
The bird ate it, then the eggs turn out, and the snow grows. (GW)
The stove wasn't working when she came back. (TB)
And then she was really mad. (TLC)
And then she spills the milk. (MR)
She smells something, and it was pancakes. (SM)
Her gone to sleep. (SF)

                 "Time Flies," by Eric Rohmann             
The bird flies in the storm. (TB)
The dinosaur eats the bird. (TS)
Inside is a big mouth. (SM)
The dinosaur puts the bird in its mouth. (GW)
The bird flies out of the dinosaur's mouth. (TLC)
The bird is flying inside the museum. (MR)
They are going home. (SF)
Then, the Pteranodon eats the bird. (TLC)
The Pteranodon tries to catch the bird, but he got away. (TB)
He spies a big long head. (SM)
And the dinosaur wants to eat him, but the big dinosaur wants to protect him. (TS)
The bird flies to his eyes and his mouth. (SM)
The dinosaur tries to eat the whole bird, but it just got some of the  feathers. (TB)
It's inside of the dinosaur's mouth. (AK)
The bird got out of the dinosaur. (MR)
And then, the bird flies away. (SM)
They were going home. (SF)


Oh the many stories that can be told from a few simple pictures... 
What would your story be?

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