Sunday, March 10, 2013


QM hugs WG close as they dance.
WG begins to return QM's embrace.
The dancing started out from two places. First, we often sing Row, Row Your Boat where we sit across from one another and rock while holding our arms together Second, we often play  a song and run around in circles in the room. Somehow the children moved these two interests together and began to dance with one another during our song time. It started, most definitely, with QM. He approached WG and hugged him. At first I thought it was just a hug and quickly grabbed my camera to snap a photo of the tender moment. As I snapped away, I realized QM was swaying with WG as he hugged him. Delightedly I said, maybe with a little too much zeal, "You're dancing with WG!!" QM locked eyes with me as I took the next picture then WG began to move his arms to be around QM as well.

IS and LC grasp hands as they dance.

IS had been intently watching QM and WG. He quickly found LC and extended his hand to her LC's always up for some hand holding action so her acceptance of his offer was immediate. Then IS held out his other hand, which LC again gladly accepted. The two of them held hands as they began to move around the room. LC would excitedly jump up and down as they danced while IS preferred for both feet to remain on the ground.

LC begins to jump while they dance.

I'd love to say that it was upon my suggestion that they found dance partners, but it really wasn't. The spontaneity and desire for togetherness in these children continuously amazes me. Whether it's holding hands while on their mats during nap time, walking together to explore outside, sitting together reading books on the couch, or dancing together... this cohort finds so much comfort in being together. When someone doesn't come for the day, they notice and often ask me about it. The sense of community in these children is inspiring.

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  1. AW man. SO sweet! Thanks for sharing this Melinda.