Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Return to Mixing

Many of our art explorations lately have focused on layering. It was a natural progression for us. First we explored water and mixing various tools and materials into our water play. This led is to begin using water colors and eventually that focus landed on paper.

When the children began to paint on each other's paper and layer one color on another color we dug deeper yet again. We began using the same canvas or paper multiple times and adding new textures, layers, and mediums to it. We would draw with pen then water color. We painted then use pastels. We used pastels then added water color. The options were endless.

As of late, though, the children's focus has returned to mixing again. When presented with two materials at once, the children wanted to mix them before applying them to paper or canvas. This meant we needed a new material for mixing. I quickly decided to bring in shaving cream!

We used the shaving cream for a while on its own. The most obvious next step was to add in water color for mixing. I set up the area by putting dabs of shaving cream in front of each chair. I added a small, shallow bowl of water color for every two chairs, placing the bowl in between the two spots. The children greatly enjoyed spreading the shaving cream and dipping their fingers in the water color. I provided brushes, but most of the children opted to use their hands.

We plan to continue with shaving cream in the coming weeks. I plan to expand on it as the children show me they are ready for further explorations!
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