Sunday, February 3, 2013


 Water color has not been our only exploration on paper lately. Over the last few months, even before introducing the water colors, we have begun to work with pens and pencils on paper. The children usually prefer to use pens. They seem to enjoy the smoothness of then pen rolling over the paper and the thin lines it creates. We've used markers as well but anytime pens are offered alongside another tool, pens are heavily preferred. IS and LC especially love drawing on paper. IS often begins by drawing on his own paper then holds his pen still in his hand while quietly observing the others as they work. Occasionally he will cease observing to spend a few seconds drawing more on his paper, but the bulk of his time is observation.

LC spends the bulk of her time drawing and only a small amount of time watching others. She mostly looks up to make sure that others are still drawing. If someone has stopped drawing, she will often motion for them to begin again. Her focus while working on her own paper is intense. She is sure and certain as she glides the pen across her paper.

We had the chance to draw on other surfaces at the preschool house but have only used paper in our own classroom. Moving forward we will soon be bringing an easel into our classroom to explore additional surfaces for drawing and introduce more tools (ie white erase markers). We also plan to continue our exploration of lines with chalk on canvas. We have also begun to color our drawings with water colors.

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