Monday, January 14, 2013

Bikes Part Deux

During our daily trips outside, there has been continued interest in bikes and anything that moves. To compliment this interest, Briana and I dug through the outside storage spaces and found some other things with wheels! The children have been delighted with the newcomers. Among them was the skateboard which was much beloved by Briana's Cohort 4 boys. The skateboard quickly became the favorite of LC and QM. 

 The elevated surface of the skateboard seemed like the perfect space to build a tower as far as QM was concerned. He began to stack blocks up on top of the skateboard much like he does on our shelves inside the classroom. This was the first time I have known the children to stack on their own accord outside- an activity that is extremely common inside.

Reiko snapped some wonderful pictures as LC collaborated with QM to build and stack. LC brought wooden blocks that weren't immediately within QM's reach over to the skateboard.

Although stacking only horizontally at first, QM and LC began to place the blocks vertically on the skateboard as well. This is something they've recently discovered inside and it is so amazing to see them replicating it outside!

Eventually, QM decided to use the skateboard to get around instead. He moved the blocks off of it and hung his body on one end, using his feet to propel him forward. It will be interesting to see how else the skateboard is used in the coming months!

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