Monday, January 14, 2013

At the Table

This is a story of meal time in cohort 6.  We all gather around a table and eat as works best for us.  Food is squished and put into mouths.  Stories are told and we enjoy the food that is offered.  When we are done, we wash our hands and move off to play.  Some crawl away.  Some roll.  Others remain near the table until the food is gone.  There are many textures, tastes and smells. 

Our new floor table supports our preferred method of eating: everyone in their best position.  By using a floor table sitting infants and infants who can roll over can grab their food comfortably, yet still begin to get the feeling for what eating at a table feels like.  This was a natural progression for me in my search to constantly refine what works best for this group.  It also gives me a chance to begin introducing different rituals to our meal time such as a thank you song and washing hands. 

Today H and C enjoyed lunch together there.  C finished first and crawled off to play and H decided he wanted to finish the rest of the quinoa that was left in the bowl.  He began to pull himself forward and then up onto the low box.  He seemed so proud of himself to get into this new position!

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