Sunday, November 4, 2012

Feet Painting!

In our most recent experience with painting, the children decided to use their feet along with their hands. This was a new exploration that both VR and JK valiantly explored.

Though IS and LC chose to stick with their hands, they enjoyed watching as VR and JK slipped and slid around the canvas. The more covered in paint VR and JK became the more quickly they slid along the surface. IS used his nails to scratch the surface of the canvas, leaving it white rather than yellow mixed with black and red chalk, when the canvas was not being utilized by the feet of VR and JK. LC quickly grew tired of the painting and chose to sit with me and observe the experience rather than take part in it. QW chose to start by only observing and spent only a moment in the middle of our painting time actually participating.

At the end only JK and VR were left with IS sitting close by, entranced by watching them. The slipping and sliding made JK laugh hysterically and shout to his mother who was in the room with us observing. VR often paused his work to yell out "Yay!" which is a common phrase for his moments of pure excitement. We had not painted in a few weeks so this jump to using our feet was an enjoyable way to welcome the painting back into our room. Next week we may add a new material to our painting time- stay tuned for pictures and a short blog documenting our experience!

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