Sunday, October 21, 2012

TPH has turned 1!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a big get-together at the Preschool House to celebrate our school being open for one year. To prepare for the TPH birthday party, the preschoolers wanted to make a fall treat consisting of pumpkin, so we decided on pumpkin muffins. The preschoolers were excited at the idea of making muffins together. I bought Amber Cup squash, which taste very similar to pumpkins, and one day they were placed on the table, ready to be cut open!

The preschoolers made guesses as to the color inside the Amber Cup. W exclaimed, “Blue!” TB and MR chimed in, “Orange!” So I slowly cut the first squash open and all three preschoolers said, “Yellow.” TB then said, “Well yellow is a type of orange.” W replied, “Yeah.” They made guesses about the second squash and this time they said “Yellow.” As soon as they saw the inside, a resounding “Orange!” was heard. Each preschooler had a half of squash to work with, scooping out the seeds into their own wooden bowl. 

CE came over to see what TB was doing, watching her closely as she scooped seeds out into her bowl. Once all of the seeds were scooped out, they were placed in a bowl of water and were available for rinsing. TS and W both took a turn rinsing the seeds off, stirring the seeds in the water.

  The squash was cut up into smaller pieces, placed in a baking pan with water, covered with foil and put in the oven to cook until the squash was soft. The seeds were roasted in the oven with cinnamon and roasted in the oven for afternoon snack. The skin of the squash was taken off and then the flesh was ready to be mashed! 

Once the squash was mashed, it was time to make the muffins! This is how the preschoolers create food together, given basic trust and as many opportunities for independence as possible:

They break eggs:

    They measure:                                                                  They pour:

          They stir:                                                                                                                   They make muffins:                  


The next day we enjoyed our muffins while visiting with recently graduated Tumbleweed Preschoolers and current Tumbleweeders and their families. Face painting and color mixing were available for the children to explore their own identity and connections with others. We enjoyed spending time with everyone. It was an event of celebration and reconnection with old friends and new friends alike. Thank you everyone who has made it possible for TPH to have this one-year birthday party. We are so grateful to have each and every one of you in our lives!

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