Sunday, October 28, 2012

Joy in the Moment

We are sitting together on the rug.  C is having some milk and H is nearby watching closely.  It is one of the first bottles C and I have together so we are learning what works best for both of us.  She enjoys holding it, but I am ready for when she needs help.  We look at eachother and spend this time bonding and learning of eachother.  H watches my interactions with C, C drinking mama's milk and my own interactions with him.  He moves towards and away from my legs where C is resting.  She turns when he comes near.  They reach for each other, feeling faces, ears and clothing.  I quietly talk about what is happening and we share smiles and eye contact.

This is the moment we live for.  When we are immersed in the flow of the moment, time seems to stand still.  I find they can be hard to capture, because I am in the moment and documenting is difficult and distracting.  When I am able this joy is something I glorify and want to share with their families 

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