Sunday, October 21, 2012

Joy in Deconstructing

Cohort 5 is suddenly a cohort full of toddlers. Toddlers often love to deconstruct as they play. Whether it's building a tower simply for the joy of getting to knock it down when they finish, filling a basket simply to pour it out when they are done, or putting every basket on the shelf simply so they can pull them back off as quickly as possible. There is something very solid and comforting about being able to construct and deconstruct. Earlier this week QM, JK, IS and I worked to build a tower out of of large colored stacking boxes. Once we finished, JK and QM immensely enjoyed the knocking it down part of the constructing and deconstructing. 

JK waits patiently for the tower to be built each time, even helping to build it many of the times and once building it completely on his own. After it's completion he joyfully knocks it over. His joy is too much to contain so he yells to get the feeling of joy and excitement out of his body.

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