Sunday, September 30, 2012

Who We Are

As we prepared our packages to pay-it-forward, we had an impromptu picture session to share the faces of our school with other children and teachers around the world.

We have been talking a lot about identity, who we are, who others are, how we compare to other people around the world, and how we see ourselves in our world. Taking pictures and seeing oneself in those pictures, the preschoolers have an image of who they are. They try out different facial expressions and poses, each time wanting to see their pictures.

Identity can be so many things and figuring out one's own identity in a world full of others is an ongoing, ever-changing, process. Giving the preschoolers the chance to explore different facial expressions and poses through pictures is one way of exploring identity. Through different activities and daily routines, the preschoolers have opportunities each day to explore their own identity, the identity of the other preschoolers, and the identity of others whom they only see in pictures. It makes us aware of who we are, not just physically, but emotionally, psychologically, and socially, and how we are each one unique being intertwined with others throughout our community and the world.


  1. Love all the little faces & we got our pay-it-forward, so I recognise a few of them now too! I will be sharing all your lovely stuff with the class later this week, thanks again for such a wonderful glimpse into your setting, Kierna

  2. Love all the pictures! We do something similar, but I had neglected to get good start of the year photos of the whole crew...thanks for the reminder!! :)