Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Next Happening in the Workshop

Something Dangerous and Loud.
Everyone was interested. 
First we tried screw drivers.  We noticed how the different parts fit together.  Some screws turned.  Others were just too hard!  
Time to try a new way.

Someone suggested hammers.  Don't forget your goggles!

"Why can't we use nails?"  
"Maybe I'll use the claw side."
"The blue family (flat-head) and the red family (phillips) are working together!"  The screwdrivers became precious machines. 

                                                                                        "I hear something"- Preschoolers observing

This was a very proud moment for us as teachers and the children as we worked together to figure out how to 'break' this machine.  It was a dream of mine that I had been longing for when I first picked up this sewing machine in it's white suitcase.  It was just waiting for us beside that dumpster and as the various layers are being pried, banged and carefully taken away the children are learning everything from what might be inside of a machine they know.  It also caused us to intensify our awareness of others while we work in a fairly dangerous way, close together.
At the end of the day on Thursday I was asked, "When are we going to start using drills?"
"Soon," I said, smiling.  "Very soon."
We really pierced it!  KC - age 4

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