Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Exploration of the Slide

Both in and out of the classroom, cohort 5 has become a group of movers and shakers. We are working hard to explore how our bodies move: how they climb, how they slide, how they walk, how they crawl, how they bend, and more. To support and encourage this exploration outside we have been utilizing our wooden slide. The wooden slide has been a beloved structure for all the cohorts that came before us and we are happy to report is has quickly become a great source of inspiration for moving big among our own cohort. Below are some photos tracking LC's recent exploration of it. She had been working for a while to reach the top of the slide. Once she accomplished getting there, she was quite proud but still had much more to explore from her new vantage point. 

LC works hard to climb up the steps of the wooden slide. Once she reaches the top she looks back down, contemplating her journey upward.

Next she looks up to make eye contact with me. She wants to make sure I am noticing her accomplishment of reaching the top of the slide. She's been working on climbing up the steps for about a week now so this is a big moment for her.

She carefully moves her feet as she stands on the platform of the top of the slide. To make sure she doesn't step off she watches her feet as she moves them. She's getting a feel for how much space she has to move around on the platform. After standing sideways for a bit, she moves to stand facing me again. She carefully scoots her feet backwards without lifting them off the platform itself.

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