Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Workshop: Hammering

The last two weeks have given us the opportunity to practice different hammering skills.  I look forward to the day when we can start to build the houses that the children are dreaming of.  Rocket ships too.

We introduced this new tool in a way to maximize safety while allowing for the children to learn how to use a hammer independently and creatively.  To extend our focus on hammering, we began a project to make parts for wind chimes.

Flattening bottle caps is the first step.
The children go through the same process while approaching the hammering:

Is it available?  There are goggles in the drawer

Put the goggles on

Find a hammer

Choose a bottle cap

Find a place to work.  Stumps are available.  Also boards that can be placed exactly the way that works best for you body.

Hammer for as long as you'd like.

Return your tools to the drawer when you're done.

Having these simple steps allow for the children to adapt them to fit what works for them.  Some children worked together, while others made sure no one was near by.  Some children were only interested in sorting the flattened and non flattened caps.  When you have set steps to a process, then it supports the development of a logical sequence of events, the basis for most problem solving.

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