Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Ok to Disagree

One child notices another child's shirt.  "Hey that's a horse!"
The shirt owner replies firmly, "No!  It's STAR WARS!"
The first child furrows his brows, standing his ground:  "HORSE!"
A third child comes over and offers her interpretation:  "I call that a superhero."
The shirt owner thinks for a moment and compromises, "Well, Star Wars is like super heroes."
The third child runs over to me excitedly, "Hey Amy!  G says it's a horse, and S says it's Star Wars, and I say it's a superhero, but S says that there are superheroes in Star Wars, so I'm ok with that."
Somehow, this logistically made sense to everyone.  Horse/Superhero/Star Wars claims were ALL ok.
I, again awash with adoration for these children (aged 2, 2, and 5 years old), smiled:  "It's pretty cool that we can each think differently about the same thing."
A peaceful, quiet moment passed.
And then they returned to play.

On a related note:  I felt extremely frustrated this morning after seeing a facebook "friend" post a picture of themselves waiting in line for an hour and a half at Chik-A-Fil to support their openly anti-gay agenda... I wanted to write about how two year olds have so much to teach the world...  One teacher wondered, "What if you had your own blog?" And perhaps I should save my political rants for a more personal space...  Regardless of your position on Civil Rights, surely we can agree:  We can see the same thing differently. And that's ok. We don't need to change each other's minds. We don't need to control each other. We can feel seen and understood and have that be enough!

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