Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Building Words

Using letter pieces, such as these from 2 scrabble games,  to build words and phonetic awareness is a great tool for children who struggle with writing letters and great practice for talking about the properties of letters and words that surround us.

What we know:

Letters have names

Letters make sounds

Words have letters

There's a first sound to a word

Sometimes they make friends with other letters and create a new sound ("T and H in Theodotia.  It's like magic!")

"Darci"  Letters arranged in reverse.

We are currently working on how to help our friends read what we write or build, so we are talking about things like words are read from left to right and each letter has a direction that it sits.  These scrabble letters are a great tool and manipulative for us to use.  Songs emerge as the children simple handle them.  Names are a favorite to build. 

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