Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pay-it-Forward: Our Package from Mongolia

After weeks of anticipation and excitement, we finally opened up our package from Mongolia. We sat down for circle time and before opening the package, we talked about where the package came from and what we remembered about Mongolia. 
A couple of preschoolers also made more guesses as to what might be inside:
 EB- "Their flag."
IR- "There might be some of their toys in it."

And then the moment came and I watched the preschoolers as I tore open the top of the package carefully. There was silence all around, all faces on the package, eyes wide in wonder as to what would be pulled out of the package.

After pulling out a few items, I noticed a letter from our new friends at the school in Mongolia. It was a beautiful note with pictures of the children that go to the school.

Here is part of what the letter says:

We then looked at the rest of the items in the package, which included postcards, a beautiful felt mat, and small ankle bones from a sheep, which are called shagai. They are used for games and fortunetelling!

The items were passed around the circle so that the preschoolers could look at them up close, touch them, smell them, and read about them. We especially enjoyed smelling the felt and the bones!

The preschoolers also enjoyed looking at the pictures of the children from Ulaanbaatar and observing how they look similar and different from themselves.
Our items from Mongolia are now out for the children to explore and to be reminded of our connection to a school across the world with children who like to play, just like us.


It is now our turn to Pay-it-Forward to three schools/bloggers who want to play! If you would like to play and are willing to PAY IT FORWARD from your own blog, here is what you can do next:
Leave a comment on this post letting us know that you would like to play and we will randomly choose three participants. You can be from anywhere in the world, but the only stipulation is that you must have a blog.
Here are the rules:
  • The three participants will receive a package reflecting Portland, OR, our school, the USA or maybe even all three! It will be up to the preschoolers :)
  • You must be willing to PAY IT FORWARD to three more schools/bloggers.
  • When chosen, you need to send us your address so we can you send you your package.
  • After you receive your package, you will need to PAY IT FORWARD in the same way on your blog.
  • Comments will remain open until August 12th
We are looking forward to Paying-it-Forward with you!!



  1. I love the concentration on their faces as yu open the package. I maybe slightly addicted to this idea as I have already taken part in 1 & am waiting for another to arrive, but if you are not inundated I would like to register my interest for another of the classes in my school.

    1. Kierna! We're doing another round of packages with a new group--are you interested in joining in? Rio is organizing: :)

  2. I am a Montessori teacher in Ireland and I would love to take part. We return to school in September and it would be great to do it then. But I can always go ahead and "time delay the delivery" if we were chosen now and needed to send on the package ASAP. :)