Friday, July 6, 2012

Our New Room!

We are extremely sad to see our good friends, the toddlers, move on to the preschool room. We will miss watching them through the glass door, eating snack with them outside, and conversing with them over the gate between our room and the kitchen. We are quite happy, however, to move into their big room!

The children have quickly come to love the couch, especially IS. He is all about the couch and has mastered lounging upon it when he feels he needs a little rest from all the play/work he's up to. There is also ample room for IS to practice his new moves- which he does quite often. AS is extremely excited about the proximity of the bathroom, which holds a mirror for her to gaze into. She is also quite happy that the new room means enough space to be close to someone when she wishes to and to not be close to someone when she fancies that.
LC has found the change up in toys to be very satisfying, but like IS she is most pleased about the gross motor experiences the couch provides. We also have brought in some blocks and a small ramp for gross motor but these have not caught on quite as much as the couch has. In time I am sure they will become a crowd favorite, though!

As for EVS? Well, we painted for the first time as a group which she found to be extremely pleasing. She's also in agreement with LC that it was about time for some new toys that expand on our current interests of putting things in and pulling things out of stuff. Stacking has become a lot of fun as we've moved into the new room as well.

It's been amazing to see the explosion of gross motor movement, interaction, and experimenting with the same toys in new ways and the new toys in the same ways as we've transitioned into the bigger room. We look forward to spending the next few months basking in the sunshine that all the extra windows offers us and fine tuning the room to fit our growing needs!

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