Monday, June 25, 2012

Excavation Site

Today outside we began our work on creating an excavation site.  A few weeks ago our interest in paleontology blossomed as we experimented with the process of discovering clues about life from the past.  It was a very simple provocation that drew quite a crowd over the course of the morning.  We will be continuing work on this through out the week and then allowing it to dry over our summer break.  

Thick red clay waiting for things to be embedded: flattened marbles and dinosaurs.

Pushing in jewels.   "You cover them up so they can't be seen!" IR

"Lookit This one!" SC

The dinosaurs are making their marks.

"Look!  I broke off a piece!" SW

Water was added.

"It's getting all slimy.  Just feel it like this!" IR

Rinsing off hands once we are finished. 

"Maybe this is how dinosaurs died.  Their feet got all stuck up in the muck and they couldn't get out." IR

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