Monday, May 14, 2012

A Moment

 What is a moment? What does it look like?

 For the children at Tumbleweeds, a moment is something magical, something inspiring, something that only happens once.


There are constant moments of discovery. There is that moment that you catch and wonder if anyone else noticed other than you and the child(ren). That is the moment.



These moments are not always seen, but when you observe them, you know you have just seen a twinkle of light, you've seen that flash of "aha", where everything slows down, and time seems to stop.

You notice children use their senses fully in these moments, taking in a large breath, touching an object first with their fingertip, then slowly moving their whole hand around it, watching intensely and intently, listening closely to the wind, the rain, each other.


The moments of constant discoveries, of excitement, of joy, of pain and sadness, of struggle and triumph, of love and wonderment, of magic, are what being with children is all about.


 I am lucky to observe just a glimpse of these moments and even sometimes be a part of them... 
Could you really ask for anything more?

“As happens sometimes, a moment settled 
and hovered and remained for much more than a moment.
 And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, 
much more than a moment.”  
-John Steinbeck  

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