Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Lightning was loud!"

As we were reading one our new favorite books, Dinosaurs Dinosaurs by Byron Barton today we came upon the page which featured a few dinosaurs experiencing a thunderstorm.  This was perfect, because our unique Oregon weather bestowed upon us two nights of thunder and lightning over our long weekend.  I pointed out the lightning bolt and said "Did any of you hear thunder this weekend?  Or maybe see lightning?"  Everyone looked at me with widening eyes.
"It was a loud rumbling outside!  The lightning" expained GW, hurrying to stand up and point out our window.
"Yes!  That was the thunder.  First the lightning came.  Then silence and loud heavy, rumbling thunder!  It was so exciting.  The sky was dark and it was SUCH a loud sound!" As I told the story I looked at everyone's eyes.  This was the first time when we remembered something together that had happened a few days ago and not at school.  T was looking especially nervous as SC talked about the loud.
We looked at the book again, and SC quickly grabbed it away. "Don't touch it!  Don't Touch IT!"  he warned.  GW reached for the book once it was on the floor again, a smile on his face and said "I'm eating the lightning!"  He held the book around his head, while SC tried to pull it free gain.  GH thought this was hillarious and jumped and danced around, "The lightning was loud!"
This story continued on with us through out our day.  We talked of doing a large scale painting of lightning outside after snack with a huge sheet of paper.  "We need red and blue and yellow paint, Briana.  And paintbrushes."
"Big!" T added.
"Small ones" SC and GH agreed.  We made our plan together while we ate, but it was quickly forgotten as we headed outside and there was chalk available.  Very quickly they got to work 'drawing lightning' on the asphalt.

The story of the lightning and thunder followed us the rest of the day, as one child would randomly remember the story, sparking a re-telling.  Moments like this follow us, though this one lasted through our whole day.  It felt good to work through this new thing that everyone experienced.

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