Monday, April 30, 2012

Observation to Inspiration

Today we were outside painting rocks, one of our favorite outside activities.   Lately there has been a burst in observational storytelling between the boys.  Sometimes they are telling me stories of things that they remember, but most recently they have been telling their stories to each other!  Seeing their natural interest in each other fuels our basic trust in other moments where energy might be more tense and also builds that love that we created over the last year and half.  At meal times you might hear someone say, "SW you like cottage cheese?  No? Ok." or "Who needs a bowl/fork/cup?"

The boys are also inspired to tell stories and sing songs based on what they observe.  Supporting and directing these boys in thoughtful observation has been one of my biggest goals.  We take the time to slow down and watch the ant crossing our path.  Sometimes I use this slow down after a big run around the yard and everyone seems drawn to the new flowers exploding over the blueberry bushes!  Now that we have practiced observing and noticing things, they are beginning to initiate it themselves.  Today it was a sound that GW heard while we were painting that reminded him of a previous sound.  Then a simple mis-hear on my part started a whole chain of train-ness: painting, sounds, stories of favorite trains, and finally running through the yard, painting abandoned.

Supporting thoughtful observation is such rewarding work with these boys who are on the go most of the time.  It gives them the ability to focus and balance their physical needs, while harnessing the power of the world around them.  It gives us all a feeling of satisfaction when they know how to express what they are thinking, hearing, feeling and sensing in an environment where they know no matter what their ideas are valid and important.

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  1. That's funny. The chain noise was from the Llewellyn playground - it sounded like a woodpecker, which at the time had reminded him of a noise he heard at OMSI!