Thursday, April 5, 2012

Elephant update

Through our investigations and exploration of who elephants are, what they do and what they're all about, they have become new members of our classroom.  Elliot recently returned from his first home visit and is looking forward to seeing who he will visit next week!  He had so much fun visiting most of the elephants in our city while staying with Santi and family, we have been loving to look and read through his travel journal at any chance!

Now the elephants join us at any chance.  They look at the beautiful work we do at the projector. This week we experimented with transparent lids, clear marbles and cups.  As we were playing GH brought over a few different elephants and said, "Look elephant!  Look at the marbles!"  then held it up so it could see what he was doing!

The elephants, especially Elliot, often joins us in the bathroom.  SW said, "Elliot wants me to go potty, see?"  He watches dutifully from the ledge as we do our work, sitting on his 'elephant potty.'

I also told a story this week about how elephants communicate over long distances via stomping.  This seemed fairly appropriate, since that is our default dance move and motion when talking about elephants.  In this story Elmer the elephant discovered a large tree covered with delicious leaves and wants to share his discovery with his friends Elvis and Elliot who are quite a distance away.  Elmer tries to trumpeting to share the news, but it doesn't work!  They're too far away.  He tries again, but they still can't hear him!  Finally he decides to stomp his message and Elvis and Elliot are able to hear the vibrations across the ground and hurry over to join him.  Everyone enjoys a delicious leaf feast!

The elephants have grown to become an integral part of our day.  They are part of our play, our story telling, and our daily flow.  We all wonder, me most of all, where our investigations and imagination will bring us next.  Will a new friend join the elephants?  Will the elephants go on a journey?  Will we become elephants?  Stay tuned!

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