Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our Walk to Brentwood Park

Last week, WK came to the preschool house for a day. In the afternoon, we decided to take a walk to Brentwood park. Amy and JK met us at the house and walked with us! We even took snack and enjoyed it on the beautiful green grass once we got to the park.

We ate bananas and rice cakes and then the preschoolers quickly made their way to the playground!

They swung. 

They pushed.

They slid. 

They Climbed.

 They balanced.


They hung.

They jumped.

The preschoolers ended their afternoon at the park picking small daisies that were growing throughout the grass in the park...

And got one last drink of water before our walk back to the
  Preschool house!  

Being able to swing, push, slide, climb, balance, hang, jump, and pick daisies at the park allows the preschoolers to continue to develop gross motor and fine motor skills. It gives them a new space, with different structures and different tools to strengthen these skills. Not only are they developing and strengthening skills at the park, they are constantly becoming better communicators and safer partners as they walk with a friend to and from the park. All of the children have become skilled at keeping each other safe by being aware of their surroundings, who is in front of them, where the road is, where the edge of the sidewalk is, how quickly their partner is walking, and when it is safe to let go of their partner's hand. Allowing the children to walk independently with one other child has given them the opportunity to become competent at being safe on walks, feel confident in their ability to stay safe and keep their partner safe, begin to become more aware of their geographical surroundings, and feel joy while walking with more freedom!

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