Sunday, March 18, 2012

Adventures with Food

We recently rearranged our room. It is now much more suited for the eventual wobbler-ness ahead of us! Rather than one big gathering space there are now small spaces throughout the room. The spaces help give a focused feel to the room and increase the ways that we can utilize our space as we continue to grow. There are now more areas for lifting up, too. All of these changes are important for the changes that the children will be going through but the biggest change is the table.

The table has allowed us to put many of those great tips from Briana's Baby Led Weaning blog post into practice. Above IS is working on using his fine motor skills to grab one of those delicious black beans and help it find its way to his mouth. It's such a joy to watch him work on and hone this skill.

IS and AS both have really enjoyed spending time at the table and working on eating solids by themselves. Black beans have been a favorite thanks to their toughness. They are not easily squished by little fingers. The more mushy, the more likely it is to become a sensory experience. This is what IS and AS have taught me over the past weeks. They've also reinforced one tip that Briana gave you all before: Less is more.

That particular tip is one I know well, though. Above you can see my own daughter, ML, working on her less is more meal. When there's too much food present, it is often overwhelming for her and she simply swipes it all off and away from her. As I mentioned earlier, and as Briana said in her own post, there is a fine line between a sensory activity and eating.

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