Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day at the Preschool House

Last week, the preschoolers spent Valentine's Day making cards and showing their love for one another through our in-house mailing system! 
Here is what our day looked like:


Making heart-shaped yam biscuits with Elissa after nap:


Shaping play-dough into hearts:

I asked the group of preschoolers sitting at the table, "Why do you think the heart is the symbol of love?"
EB quickly pointed at her heart and then IO said, "Because your heart is a heart."

Near the end of the day, we sat in a circle and the preschoolers got their mailboxes. Everyone opened their mailboxes to find Valentines in them and shared their joy and excitement with each other and Elissa and me!

 When thinking about Valentine's Day and everyday at the Preschool house, the preschoolers are constantly showing love, kindness, thoughtfulness, and empathy toward each other. 
Making a connection between hearts and showing love, IO said it best, 
"Because your heart is a heart."

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