Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Journey to the Preschool House

Today we ventured forth with the stroller to take a walk.  I had suggested this idea a few weeks ago and today when I brought it up again, instantly SW said, "Take a walk to the preschool house?"  I agreed that today was an excellent day to go so, we pulled out the stroller and began the trek.  Everyone took a hold of the stroller and we began to slowly make our way down the street.

We made it with everyone walking for just over 4 blocks and then I invited them to either keep walking or have a ride.  As we went on our journey the vehicles and puddles we saw were of the most interest.  Everyone seemed very excited to see the large puddles that had formed on the corners of the streets.  Someone said "ducks!" which prompted us to sing a few duck songs as we went down the street.
 Once we were at the preschool house we were greeted by all of our friends.  It was so exciting to see everyone, especially after we had talked about who we might see on the ride over.  Everyone either lingered next to me or went right to work, exploring the newly updated PS backyard.  T was very interested in the new play structure and his older brother spotted him as he tried out the ladder.  He made it almost all the way to the top, before being a bit worried by the big kids at the top who were cheering him on.  GW quickly discovered that there were indeed trucks at the preschool house.  "Dump Trucks!" he said as he stacked the smaller one inside of the larger one. 

There was also quite a bit of brotherly love happening, especially between SC and his big brother K.  K was so stoked to see his little brother he ran up to the gate calling his name!  Then they hung out together for the majority of our time at the school as we watched the work that the big kids were doing.  SW and I hung out together, until the preschoolers began stomping to encourage the worms to come up to the top of the ground to be collected.  He then gleefully joined in, especially in watching the worms wriggle around in their hands.

Soon it was time for us to return to our school.  The preschoolers asked why we had to leave over and over, but soon we were all back in the stroller for a ride home.  We rode through many puddles, much to the joy of the boys and soon back at school.  

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