Sunday, February 5, 2012

Introducing TPH Postal Service!

This Thursday we began our mailbox project. Thanks to TPH parents we had a surplus of shoeboxes and with a little paint and brainstorming, the preschoolers were able to create their own mail system. I cut mail slots in the front of each mailbox so we could stack them. Then, we came together for a circle time to discuss our plans and how mail works. "What do we recieve in the mail?" I asked. "Letters!" KO responded. "Packages." EB offered. We also discussed how delivery works: stamps, mail trucks and mail carriers. I was originally inspired to begin the project when I observed an interest in letters and name-spelling. I thought this might facilitate progress in literacy. Some of the PSers did write letters but SC offered, "I just want to make a picture" This allowed us to discuss how images send messages as well. Thus, we decided that letters for our mailboxes could contain letters as well as images. When I asked what color we wanted to make our mailboxes a few preschoolers instantly requested yellow. The second color we chose was blue, due to its association with USPS.

Fortunately, we were blessed with sunny weather this week and when it came time to paint, Bee set up our painting stations outside. We had a blue and yellow station and each PSers chose a shoebox to decorate.

"I want mine covered in green!" IR stated as she mixed blue and yellow on her box. "Look! Mine is all blue." KO shared. These pictures demonstrate the PSers intensity of focus in their painting:

Now that we have completed the painting portion of our mail project, I am excited to see how we can expand our postal service knowledge and design. How can we make stamps? Shall we assign a mail carrier? Will we write our names on the mailboxes? And where will we stack our new mailboxes? What time will we check our mail each day?

What an exciting process! I can't wait to see what letters the PSers produce.

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  1. We now also have a shoe box mailbox at home, for our cat. I received much instruction on the proper placement and size for the mail slot.