Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!


For our art experience today, we set out to test out a new technique: painting with our feet!  Or as GW would say "Feet painting today, Mana?"  And that is how they literally took it: they painting their feet, legs, hands and other exposed skin.  A few tried walking and found it slippery and treacherous which only made this new technique more fun.  I set out Valentines-y colors and everyone seemed to be very excited about the 'pink' that sprung up from the red and white paints mixing.  We also used red paper for the first time to create foot print hearts as a crafted project.  I usually steer away from art that has an intended outcome, but sometimes it can be fun especially for holidays.

There was a definite sense of love between the boys as they painted.  Everyone really got into it today, and even took turns painting each other.  Even I now have red, stained feet from being painted and making my own footprints with the boys.  Once we were wrapping up T and SC passed out wet washcloths to everyone and we all worked together to wash our hands and feet clean of paint.  

I hope today, and all days really, are full of the same love I feel for and with your children everyday! 

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