Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finding A Routine

As we start to get to know and bond with one another we begin to simultaneously discover a routine. Over time, our routine will change to meet our needs and how we are growing. Having a routine helps each child anticipate what will happen next. It gives order and structure to our day so that we feel secure and able to participate.

Though we have only been together for a little less than a month, naps often happen at the same time or close to it. This helps everyone have deeper sleep as it tends to be quiet while we are sleeping.

Diaper changes are a chance to bond with each individual child at this age since only one child comes into the bathroom for a change at once. It is also a great opportunity to run into the toddlers or Jonah! They love to climb the stool and say hello while washing their hands.

Though only half of us are eating solids we often do bottles as a group and hang out near each other during solids. This sets up the expectation that we will typically eat as a group.

One last piece of our routine is when I leave for breaks. The children are beginning to know and trust Reiko and Lis to take care of them. They are also learning to trust that I will come back.

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