Monday, February 20, 2012

Check Out Our Play Structure!

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about building Basic Trust around our evolving play structure? Well our structure has reached it's final stage of evolution and the preschoolers are LOVING it. I documented the preschoolers first joyous exploration of the structure. Each wall contains cut out shapes:

a tree, a moon, a house

Circles are the perfect size for peeking heads.

This picture demonstrates the addendum to our 3-kid at a time rule. With walls, preschoolers can safely play in large groups on the structure.

Each child eagerly peeked through the cutouts and used them to climb. The front wall also has a doorway:

Each side of the play structure displays a fence made of branches from our yard:
The new additions mean lots of exploration and climbing possibilities. These new possibilities are a little more structured than before but the preschoolers have already re-invented the structure as a space shuttle, a boat, an archeology headquarters and a burning house. Oh the possibilities.

When we first saw our finished structure KO exclaimed: "Our new house!" Our new house indeed. I am excited to see what our structure evolves into next!

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  1. So magical! So inspiring. I will have to come see it soon!