Monday, January 9, 2012

The Story of a Toast Butterfly

During lunch today, GW held up his toast and announced: 'A butterfly!'.
"Oh!" I said, "GW says his toast is a butterfly!"
"A boat, " said SW.  We smiled and then I asked if anyone else had special toast.
"Buh buh" said SC and held up his toast too.
"Flying." said GW
"It sounds like there's toast boats and toast butterflies today!  Would you guys like to hear a song about butterflies?"
"Yes!"  They all agreed.

Butterfly, Butterfly what lovely wings
Flutterby, Flutterby, and my heart sings!
Butterfly, Butterfly, I want to know
When it rains, when it rains
Where do you go?

"I wonder.  Where are the butterflies?  Remember when it was warm and sunny, we watched the butterflies flitter through the yard?   But now it's cold and rainy and the butterflies are gone.  Where did they go?"
"Hmmmmm...." says T as he munches on his toast.
"Gone!" says SW.  "Maybe hiding."
"Butterflies take a nap." explained GW

I sang the song once again, and a few of the toast butterflies were held in the air and fluttered around before being consumed.

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