Monday, January 23, 2012

Sharing Eggs

Today I came up with a great recipe for Eggs and Chard.  Chard isn't something that the children usually enjoy so it seemed important to mix it with something I know the do love.  Eggs!
Everyone seemed very interested today in what I was doing in the kitchen and I invited them to help out with making the eggs!
I brought out the bowl and SC brought it to the little table in the kitchen.  I added a whisk and everyone practiced now it can move in the bowl.  I brought out the eggs from the refrigerator and as I open it, I give everyone the chance to check out the eggs.  GW tried smelling one, and T placed his quickly in the bowl causing it to crack. 
Soon all the eggs were inside, minus some shell, and everyone got a chance to stir with the whisk.  We counted to 5 for everyone's turn and by the time we were done everyone was joining a long in the chant in some way or another: "1-2-3-4-5. K GW turn!  1-2-3-4-5 K, SC turn!  1-2-3-4-5 K!  T's turn!".  We probably could have stirred the eggs all day.  I added some milk and then fennel seeds to add a new dimension of flavor. 
Once the chard was sauted most of the way (first the stems cut into small pieces, then the chopped leaves in a bit of olive oil, salt, garlic and pepper.) I poured the egg mixture over the top and covered with a sheet tray.  In a few minutes the entire thing was cooked and I rolled it up and set it aside until lunch time.

We were so busy eating it during lunch that I couldn't even take a picture!  Everyone enjoyed our creation, even those who don't usually eat mixtures of food or green leafy veggies.  Allowing the children to take part in as many aspects of their day gives them the opportunity to take ownership over themselves and what they want or need.  It's also an excellent opportunity for social interaction and sharing space with their peers, something we are working hard on perfecting (aren't we all!?!)

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