Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy 2012!

SW's first meal at TIH, May 2011
SW enjoying water play, January 2012

GW working on a lid, January 2012
GW reaches for a bowl, January 2011

We here in Cohort 4 are celebrating 1 year of being together as a group!  It is so enjoyable to look back on our time together and see how much everyone has changed.  It's also interesting to see how interests have evolved and how many things have stayed the same!

Thank you boys for filling my year with love, joy and wonder!  And thank you families for your support and community!  It has been a true joy to be a part of your lives!

GW and SC sharing a book, January 2011
SC and GW enjoy reading books January 2012

T eating, January 2011
T Helps make Lunch, January 2012

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