Monday, November 28, 2011


We tried scissors today.  I figured it was a great day to give it a try since there were just two children and here is what it looked like:

Following my typical method for introduction of new things in our art explorations we talked about the important points of scissor-ness:

Handles are for holding.

The blades are sharp (even though they're not really on safety scissors).

Scissors open and close.

Paper is good for cutting

GW already warns me while I'm preparing our meals about my 'sharp' knife in the kitchen, so he latched on quickly to the sharp aspect of the blades.  He was very interested in pointing out with his index finger the 'sharp' and we practiced how it is the safest choice to only touch the handle.  T got a hang of the open/shut action and practiced it over and over.  I showed how the scissors can cut paper, and T went right to work poking the closed scissors with the paper.

It seems like our scissor work is going to be a long journey, but I am very curious to see what happens when they are offered something of this level of finger dexterity now and given a chance to explore, in a very safe manner, just as they are offered paint, clay and other art mediums.

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  1. sissors should only be at the presfool house