Monday, November 14, 2011

The Leaves Are Falling

We went outside today to a sea of yellow!

The leaves had fallen from the tree and everyone was very excited about how this changed our backyard landscape.
This is always a magical time for us at TIH as we are able to use the leaves as manipulatives: raking roads, piling up mountains, jumping in, admiring the colors.

This year as I was raking a long path between piles of yellow leaves, I remembered back 3 years ago when Tumbleweed opened and I experienced the first Falling of the Leaves.  Now every year I look forward to this moment as we transition between seasons, our tree the physical manifestation of how the weather and world changes. 

It's exciting for me to experience my 3rd fall at TIH, now with a group of children who are similar in age to my first group. Many of the same activities and motives of activity are the same: raking, scooping, gathering, jumping.  The things that are different are the personalities which are many hued, just as the leaves we are using, creating a beautiful landscape that we can all explore and learn to love!

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  1. That's a funny old picture with IR wearing the wicker. Man. And EB is sporting what we used to call the "Tumbleweeds Look" with the onesie flap airing out in the back. Ah, simpler times.