Thursday, October 6, 2011


As our language explodes in the wobbler group there are many times throughout our day when a story or moment is told, and re-told, expanded upon, and even acted out.  This has been happening for a few weeks, but it has become part of our meal time ritual to tell a story as we eat.  It usually starts with someone noticing something and then looking at me. This happened on Monday when a garbage truck drove loudly by as we were having morning snack.

"Truck!" GW said, pointing to the window.
"I heard it too!  I think it's a garbage truck."  I said.
"Boom!" said SW, and soon everyone was pointing to the windows and saying boom.  I told the story of the garbage truck driving by:  We were all sitting and eating snack when we heard a truck drive by.  GW said "Truck" and I said, "Yes, it's a truck.  I think it's a garbage truck".  Then SW said "boom".  The garbage truck is loud.  It's driving on the street collecting our trash.  Once I got to the end of my story, someone would initate the telling again by either saying "boom" or "truck".  A few times I let them tell the story, repeating what they said, and others I would go more indepth with what the garbage truck was doing and posing questions like: I wonder where the truck is going?  Can you still hear the truck?  I wonder if we'll see it when we go outside...

These are the way we build our language in our classroom.  Telling stories and playing games with words is fun for everyone, especially when we are telling a story and listening to each other.  These story moments from our meal times are beginning to be a part of our play as well.  Later that day there was much booming and stomping around outside.  GW came up to me and said 'boom', and we told the story again.  When I had repeated it twice I paused at certain points in the story, allowing for him to fill in the gaps.  His story was: 'Truck. Noise.  Boom."

What will our next big story be? 

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