Thursday, October 13, 2011


This week I introduced a new activity outside: hammering!  We have a small, ball-peen hammer and a large stump dedicated to hammering small nails.  I started a few off, which enticed the boys over to this new activity.  SC was the first to give it a go and he seemed so proud at being able to make the nails go down and it seemed like the sensation of hammering was very satisfying as well.  Everyone tried many hand positions and some were simply interested in the nails sticking up from the stump.
It started out like this...

And looked like this too.

During this time I remained near by to maintain safety, yet gave the 3 boys freedom to explore the new activity hands on.  Yes, fingers could have been squished, but I knew the hammer was very light.  There was also a strong sense of possession over the hammer.  It is the beautiful new jewel of our outdoors and they were able to express themselves strongly with both love and desire.

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