Monday, August 27, 2018

The joy of helping out

At Tumbleweed every child gets a chance to help out if they would like to! Toddlerhood is a time when children take great pride in being able to do things, especially if it means helping someone out. In offering opportunities to help out around the house the group learns how to be helpful to others and they learn new life skills that will hopefully last a lifetime. When children participate in tasks that care for their environment, they also take on responsibility and ownership of their space around them.
The greatest example of this willingness to help out is with wiping the table, chairs and floor after meal times. I always let everyone
know that I am going to spray down the table and chairs and then ask if anyone would like to help wipe down the tables. “Me!” exclaims
each willing person as they run to help.

During meal times, whenever there’s a spill on the floor cohort 13 as a whole is eager to clean up the mess and they encourage each
other to clean up as well! During the clean up process I ask if any help is needed. Some kids gladly accept help from me or other peers
while others are determined on cleaning up the spill themselves. Either way, there are plenty of washcloths to go around!

Sweeping is always something that the children love to mimic in the room. Lately, some children have been very interested in using
the big broom. I mention that the big broom is just for teachers to use but if one wants to help, they can hold the dust pan on the
ground while I sweep into it.

Laundry is another task that some people are more than willing to help out with. Helping out can look like emptying out the clothes
from the washer or dryer into the laundry basket and then carrying the basket into the kitchen.

At the table we can practice separating the clothes by the different items. Some laundry only I can fold, but we can certainly try to fold
clothes as best as we can together. After the items are folded, children can help carry wash clothes into the bathroom. It can be
challenging to balance the tall stack of folded washcloths without dropping any, but we can try!

At the end of the day, everyone feels happy to have helped make Tumbleweed a cleaner place while also feeling proud of their hard work!

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