Monday, January 4, 2016

Water Play!

The past few weeks Cohort 10 has been experimenting with water, ice and different materials such as cups, bowls, and sponges. They are always so excited when our water bin is available! As soon as I put the bin down, all of the infants make their way over and start exploring the water or materials right away. E and L choose to pick up the cups before checking out the water. S and F love to begin by splashing their hands in the water.

After exploring water with containers, I added some ice to the water bin along with measuring cups. Each infant held an ice cube and looked at it closely. They liked to splash around and watch the ice move around in the bin. E noticed the container I used to pour water into our bin and started putting the ice cubes into it. S and F joined him until all the ice cubes were in the jar. It’s always so interesting to see the way the infants use the materials available and discover new ways to explore them.


After adding ice to our bin, I put a few sponges on our blanket to see how the infants would use them. They were a big hit! They discovered that they would soak up water and then it could be squeezed out to transfer water or just watch it pour back into our bin. S really enjoyed clapping two sponges together and feeling the water splash on her face. E, F, and L were pretty excited by S’s discovery and we were all giggling as S continued to splash us! 

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