Sunday, November 15, 2015

Snack Time

Over the last two weeks, we have started eating snack together at our table! Previously, we were sharing snack on the floor and then transitioned to a small table with space for just two infants to sit together. Now we each have a seat at our table and enjoy our snack together! Sharing snack is a great time for building meaningful relationships and I can tell that the infants already love our meals together!

            Other than building relationships, beginning mealtime during infancy is beneficial for developing table manners and positive social skills. I've noticed a lot of relationship building through our daily snack time. The infants usually pat the table together while waiting for their snack and love to watch each other enjoy their snack when it's served! If an infant is unsure about trying the food, they are usually more willing to once they see another friend take a bite!


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