Thursday, October 8, 2015

Natural Motor Development

F uses a pumpkin to balance!
            As Cohort 10 continues to move freely inside and outside of our classroom, their uninterrupted movements promote their gross motor development in a natural way. When children are allowed develop their motor skills naturally, and in their own time, they learn what their limits are. If a child can get themself into a position, they are typically capable of getting themself out of it as well. They learn so much from experimenting with their movements and finding solutions to getting where they want to go. Not only does it benefit their motor skills but they feel a sense of pride that they accomplished a task on their own and in their own way! 

L works hard to roll her self over the edge of the carpet!

E uses a wooden cube to pull himself up and balance

F uses the porch to walk himself back and forth

S climbing up our ramp

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